Real Wealth Income Generator Review

The Real Wealth Income Generator is a brand new product from Bill Poulos that will help you generate profits from markets that represent 'real value'. You will be given 3 profitable trading methods, as well as trade alert software that will alert you to the very best set-ups for each of these methods.

(UPDATE: This course is now officially on sale and available to buy here)

With so many countries piling up more and more sovereign debt, Bill has set out to provide you with profitable trading strategies (and trade alert software) that will help you trade 'real value' markets such as gold, silver, copper, platinum, corn, wheat, etc, which includes various different ETFs and stocks.

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Here is a summary of everything that is included with the Real Wealth Income Generator course:

- 6 CD-ROM training videos

- 6 reference manuals

- 3 trading blueprints

- Quick start guide

- Trade alert software

You can basically learn all about the 3 profitable trading strategies that you can use to trade various ETFs and stocks through the home study course. Then you can either trade one or more of these trading methods manually, or you can use the trade alert software to alert you to the very best trades.

These trading methods are all based on the daily charts (with positions taken at the end of each day). So you don't need to spend hours on end glued to your computer screen.

You can find trades yourself or you can use the software to find trades at the end of each trading session. Once you find a good set-up, you just set your stop loss and target price, and let the trade unwind over the coming days.

In addition to all this, there are also a few additional benefits you should be aware of. These include:

- Weekly access to Bill Poulos and his team

- Online Q&A sessions

- Unlimited support for 1 year

So you are basically given everything you need to start generating profits from some of the stocks and ETFs that actually have 'real value'. If you would like to find out more, you can do so by checking out some of the prevew videos that have recently been posted online by Bill Poulos or by visiting the official website of Real Wealth Income Generator.



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