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Portfolio Prophet is a new home study course that teaches you how to successfully trade ETFs (exchange traded funds). It is geared towards both long term investors and short term traders. What I like about this particular course is that not only does it provide you with a highly profitable ETF strategy and trading method, but it also includes free software that will automatically alert you to the very best set-ups.

(2012 UPDATE: This trading course has just been improved upon and updated for 2012. The new version of Portfolio Prophet will go on sale on 19 March 2012, and you can find out more about this product by watching these online videos).

(Portfolio Prophet Is Now Live - If you would like to go directly to the Portfolio Prophet sales page to buy the product or find out more information, you can do so by clicking here).

Before I talk about the very impressive software, let me give you a quick run-down of exactly what is included in this home study course:

- Trade alert software.
- 6 comprehensive training videos.
- 6 reference manuals.
- 2 trading blueprints.
- Quick start guide.
- Access to regular Q&A sessions with Bill Poulos (the product creator).
- 1 year unlimited support.

The Portfolio Prophet course aims to teach you how to trade ETFs first of all. It gives you some background information on exchange traded funds and walks you through a highly profitable ETF trading strategy that you can use to trade the markets.

Once you are familiar with the trading method, you can then put the software to use and start finding your own winning trades, with full and clearly defined entry and exit points.

The software is the most impressive thing about the Portfolio Prophet trading course. You can install this software on up to three computers if you so wish, and when you do so you will find that it automatically updates itself at the end of each trading day, and provides you with the latest trading alerts, telling you which ETFs you should consider buying the following day.

There are three different settings designed to find the very best trading opportunities for conservative, moderate and aggressive traders from amongst the various different ETFs. Therefore it can be used effectively by all types of different stock market investors.

If you would like to find out more about what kind of criteria this software uses and how effective this software actually is at finding excellent long-term trades, I suggest you visit the Portfolio Prophet sales page.

You will find that the results are generally very good because it only alerts you to ETFs that are in strong upward trends, and the software will often help you to capture a large chunk of this upward price move. Plus because there are clear instructions about where to enter and exit a position, you don't need to agonize over when you should be exiting a trade and banking your profits.

Overall I would definitely recommend that you check out the Portfolio Prophet ETF course if you are looking for a way of making consistent profits from ETFs. Having watched all of the preview videos, I have to say that I am really impressed with it so far. The profitable trading method alone make it a good investment, but the complementary software is a welcome addition because it makes it much easier to find the very best trading opportunities on a day to day basis.

Here is the link once again if you want to find out more information about the Portfolio Prophet course.



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May 4, 2014

Davidee @ 1:16 pm:

I like the fact that this website offers education, rather than magic formulas that promise the world but deliver nothing. There is no substitute for education.

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