December 4, 2013

Video Of The New Trade Alert Software In Action

A few days ago I told you about the new custom trade alert software from Bill Poulos that has been enhanced for 2013, and is just about to go on sale once again.

If you missed the preview video of this software, you can watch it again by clicking here.

However you may also want to watch this second preview video as well because this will enable you to see this trade alert software in action.

In this second video you will be able to see a bar by bar dissection of the three trading methods that are deployed by this impressive software, and the risk management principles that it uses to minimize losses whenever it enters a trade.

You will also see how it gets into a free trade situation as soon as possible after entering a position, and will see how it is able to predict the big forex trends for the next 8 hours.

Here is the link to this second video once again if you would like to check it out for yourself:

–> See The Trade Alert Software In Action


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