September 27, 2010

Forex Profit Multiplier Review

Forex Profit Multiplier is a new forex product that has just gone on sale once again on March 19th 2012. The three profitable trading strategies that are included with this course banked a total profit of more than 2000 pips in January and February 2012, and you will get access to all three strategies (as well as the trade alert software) when you buy this course.

You can watch all of the preview videos by clicking here or you can go directly to the Forex Profit Multiplier sales page to find out more.

It has been created by Bill Poulos and his team at Profits Run, and is said to be the biggest and best forex trading product that they have ever produced. Whether the Forex Profit Multiplier course lives up to that bold claim remains to be seen, but from what I have seen of the preview videos, it certainly looks very impressive.

In the meantime let me tell you exactly what you will get when you buy the Forex Profit Multiplier course:

* The Forex Profit Multiplier Home Study Course

This course includes various CD ROMs which not only cover the basics of forex trading, but also teach you 3 brand new trading methods that you can use to trade the markets (as well as an optional bonus trading method).

It also includes a full colour reference manual to help you fully understand everything that is covered in the CD ROMs. So for instance you get trading blueprints and a quick start guide, as well as tutorials, modules and charts.

* The Forex Profit Multiplier Software

This custom built software has been designed to make your life easier because it automatically identifies the trend for the next 8 hours from the 6 major currency pairs. Furthermore it also alerts you to set-ups and potential trading opportunities from each of the 3 trading methods, based on these trends. Alerts can be sent via email, RSS or SMS.

* Online Group Coaching Sessions

Bill Poulos will be holding weekly coaching sessions to teach you how to use and apply the 3 trading methods using live trading examples.

* Follow-Up Support

Support will be available 24 hours a day and this will be available for one year after you purchase the course. You will be able to email the team as often as you like with any questions you may have. You will also be given lifetime access to the members website.

So as you can see the Forex Profit Multiplier is going to be quite a comprehensive package. Not only do you get 3 profitable trading methods, but you also get the custom built software that helps you find profitable set-ups.

The price of the course is $1997, which is obviously not very cheap and possibly out of reach for many people. However if the trading methods turn out to be profitable (the 2055 pips profit in January and February suggest that they are extremely profitable) and the software is as effective as it looks in the preview videos, this course could still turn out to be a great investment.

Click here to visit the official Forex Profit Multiplier website.



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