April 10, 2010

Stock Trading Nitty Gritty Review

Stock Trading Nitty Gritty is the new course from Bill Poulos which teaches you how you can successfully trade individual stocks. I don't normally talk about stock trading on this blog (despite the fact that I'm a very active stock trader myself) but I thought it was worth discussing this course because I think it will benefit many of my readers who are interested in this subject.

The course itself is a series of 9 training videos (that you can watch online) and it is aimed primarily at beginners. However I believe many more experienced traders will benefit from it as well because it also includes a profitable trading strategy that you can use to trade stocks that are currently in strong upward/downward trends.

The Stock Trading Nitty Gritty course is currently priced at $39.97, which I believe is an absolute bargain. The reason why I say that is because not only are you supplied with a profitable trading strategy, but you will also learn about every aspect of stock trading. This not only covers all of the basics, but also covers many of the more advanced subjects as well.

For example you will learn how to identify and trade individual price patterns (head and shoulders, flags, pennants, triangles, double tops, 1-2-3 formations, etc), how to use candlestick charts, how to use fibonacci levels and how to use the various different technical indicators (including which ones are the most effective).

In short you are given a complete education in the whole subject of stock trading, and you are also given a profitable trading method that you can use to trade individual stocks.

To find out more about the Stock Trading Nitty Course or to actually buy the course, I suggest you click on the link below. I'm afraid the video is quite long (Bill waffles on a lot), but you need to watch it until the end because it's only then that you are presented with the link to buy the course:

–> Stock Trading Nitty Gritty



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