Marketclub Review

An Introduction To Marketclub

Marketclub is a members-only website, created by the team at, that gives you exclusive access to the very best trading tools and financial data, as well as highly profitable trading signals for over 320,000 different markets through its Trade Triangle technology.

This extensive service covers stocks, futures, commodities and currencies, and is ideal for long-term investors, futures and options traders, spread-betters and forex traders.

So it will basically help you find more winning trades, time your entries and exits better and generally increase your overall profits.

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How The Trading Signals Work

As mentioned above, this Marketclub software provides data for more than 320,000 symbols, including stocks, commodities, options and currency pairs, and most importantly of all, it provides live automated trading signals for all of these symbols on the daily, weekly and monthly time frames.

The symbols are generated in real-time using their proprietary Trade Triangles technology, and you can view the latest daily, weekly and monthly signals for all of these symbols on their respective price charts.

These signals will always be green (indicating a positive trend) or red (indicating a negative trend) and so you can enter or exit positions based on this information, and are best used for identifying the longer term trends on the longer time frames (weekly and monthly) and pinpointing your entry and exit points on the shorter time frame (daily).

You can also plot all of your favorite technical indicators on these charts if you so wish, which is helpful because these can either back up what the signals are saying, or prevent you from entering what could be an unprofitable position if they are not in agreement.

How To Get The Most Out Of Marketclub

To help give you an idea of how Marketclub actually works (and how the signals are generated for all of these symbols), Adam Hewison has created a series of four training videos that demonstrate just how profitable this software can be.

The first video is available below, and once you reach the end of this video, you will find links to the other three videos in this series:

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Profitable Trading Strategies

As you can see these Trade Triangles are very powerful, even on their own, but if you use them in conjunction with your own tried and tested technical indicators (which you can simply add to Marketclub's charts), then they really are extremely powerful, and there is real potential to make substantial returns.

For example by only trading the signals generated by the Trade Triangles that come shortly after the EMA (5) crosses the EMA (20), you are likely to significantly increase your overall success rate.

Similarly you could apply multiple EMAs (such as 20, 50 and 200) to a particular time frame and then wait for all of these indicators, along with the price, to be tightly grouped together. This usually indicates that a large breakout is imminent so by trading every Trade Triangle that is generated you are likely to catch the big move when it occurs.

There are various ways you can combine technical analysis with Marketclub's hugely effective Trade Triangles, and best of all you will generally find that these Trade Triangles work equally well on a variety of different instruments, whether it's stocks, commodities or currency pairs, for example.

Plus if you're still stuck for potential trades you can make use of Smart Scan, Marketclub's excellent scanning tool. This will allow you to filter out strong potential trading candidates based on specific criteria, so this is yet another trading tool that could potentially increase your overall profits.

Final Thoughts

Overall Marketclub's trading service really is excellent value for money, and well worth joining because its Trade Triangles alone will help you improve your overall success rate, whether you are a long-term share investor or a short-term trader of forex currencies, stocks or commodities.

Of course there are a few negatives. For example, if you are using the daily signals to provide you with a natural exit point, they can be a little late at indicating the end of a short-term trend, and therefore you can sometimes end up giving back some of your gains.

Plus the signals don't tend to be that profitable in flat markets where the price is directionless and trading in a sideways pattern. However that's the case whatever signals or systems you happen to be using.

If you want to find out more about Marketclub or would like to subscribe to this service, the official website can be found here.

Alternatively, if you would like to test out all of the Marketclub features for yourself, you might be interested in the free 2-week trial that is currently available.

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April 16, 2009

Ed at Currency Market Updates @ 7:36 am:

I agree. Market Club and INO go out of their way to make the learning process as painless as possible and you have done a great job here to explain a difficult concept. Ed