September 22, 2014

SwissRunner - The Best Forex Trader / Signal Provider On Zulutrade Right Now?

Although I like to trade the markets myself, I still like to keep a keen eye on who the top traders are on Zulutrade because as you might already know, this site has over 100,000 different signal providers, so it is obviously fiercely competitive.

Just to remind you, you can follow any of these signal providers completely free of charge. All you need to do is sign up to Zulutrade, register with one of their brokers, deposit some money and choose your signal provider(s). The signals provided are then traded for you automatically in your trading account.

To make this task easier, Zulutrade has their own inbuilt ranking system to help you find the most profitable signal providers, as well as a wealth of trading records and statistics for each trader.

You will find that these rankings change all the time, with lots of different traders occupying the number one spot, but one trader who is consistently amongst the best performers, and one who always impresses me is a trader called SwissRunner.

At the time of writing, SwissRunner is ranked number 5 on Zulutrade, but I have always thought that he appears to be the best and most consistent trader on this site.

That's because not only does he have a long and established profit record with a steadily rising equity curve since he joined this site in February 2013, but apart from a few occasions in the past, he now seems to trade without taking huge risks and incurring huge drawdowns, like most other traders seem to do.

I also like the fact that he managed to make a profit in each of the summer months when the forex markets were extremely quiet because I know from experience that this was a very tough time to trade.

His overall profit record currently stands at 6742 pips, which is extremely impressive, and he has achieved this with an overall win ratio of 76%. As a result of this, he now has over 2800 subscribers who all have his signals automatically traded in their account.

So whilst I don't want to recommend any one trader in particular (you should always do your own research and make your own decisions), I do consider SwissRunner to be one of the top traders that I have come across on Zulutrade so far.

(If you would like to open an account with Zulutrade, simply click here to open a free demo account or a live trading account).

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