August 29, 2014

Zulutrade Has A New Number 1 Signal Provider

We are coming up to the end of August and I have just noticed that there is a new number 1 trader / signal provider on Zulutrade, the leading automated signal service.

Fibotraderchris has been the top dog for a number of weeks now, but he has now dropped to number 2, and in his place is a trader who trades under the name ffddvvxx.

This signal provider has an overall ROI of 872% at the time of writing, which equates to a total profit of 5621 pips and a win ratio of 89%, which is a phenomenal effort.

What's even more impressive is that they have achieved this with a maximum drawdown of just 11%, which is significantly better than the majority of traders on Zulutrade, and his worst ever trade is -139 points, which is a great record.

If you look at their trading record, you will see that they mainly target lots of small gains, whilst keeping their losses relatively small on the rare occasions that they do get it wrong.

Therefore I think it is easy to see why this provider has become the top trader on Zulutrade, and has attracted over 2500 followers and a total of $3m following their every trade.

The simple fact is that they have a very high win ratio and don't take too many risks, which is evidenced by the fact that they have a nice upward sloping profit curve since they first joined Zulutrade, and only a few small blips along the way.

So while I am not in a position to recommend any particular signal provider, I just thought I would examine why this trader has become Zulutrade's top signal provider.

If you would like to have their signals traded in your own account automatically, or would like to trade the signals of any of the other providers on Zulutrade, you can do so by opening a live trading account.

Alternatively you can open a free demo account, where you can test out various different providers and see how this service actually works using pretend money.

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