August 29, 2013

Are There Any Signal Providers On Zulutrade Who Make Consistent Long-Term Profits?

ZuluTrade Logo.jpgI recently received a very interesting email asking me if there were any signal providers on the popular Zulutrade website who make consistent long-term profits.

This is a valid question because if you take a look at many of the signal providers on this site, there does seem to be a lot of traders who struggle to make consistent long-term profits because they will bank lots of small profits, but aren't very disciplined when it comes to dealing with losing trades.

Therefore some will perform well for a number of weeks or months, before they inevitably have one or two big losing trades that end up destroying their followers' accounts.

Subsequently it can be hard to find signal providers whose signals you can trust enough to autotrade in your own trading account with real money.

Nevertheless there are some signal providers who you can subscribe to on Zulutrade that do seem to make consistent profits month after month without taking any crazy risks.

I should point out that I don't want to recommend any one trader in particular, and that this article is purely for information purposes only, but one such trader is SteadyCapture, who is based in Canada.

As the name suggests, this trader aims to bank steady profits on a consistent basis, and if you look at his/her trading performance since they first joined Zulutrade in April 2012, this is exactly what they've done, with June 2012 being the only losing month:

April 2012 - 135.10 pips
May 2012 - 265.50 pips
June 2012 - (91.30 pips)
July 2012 - 328.70 pips
August 2012 - 67.20 pips
September 2012 - 226.80 pips
October 2012 - 138.20 pips
November 2012 - 59.90 pips
December 2012 - 98.50 pips
January 2013 - 331.50 pips
February 2013 - 58.30 pips
March 2013 - 186.40 pips
April 2013 - 160.40 pips
May 2013 - 94.70 pips
June 2013 - 226.90 pips
July 2013 - 416.00 pips
August 2013 - 260.40 pips

This signal provider has an 84% success rate, and has generated a total profit of 2963 pips at the time of writing. Their best trade was 222 pips and their worst trade was -345 pips.

You couldn't really say they are a perfect signal provider because they look to bank relatively small profits per trade (generally in the 10-20 pips range), and they do have the occasional losing trade where they might lose a little more than this.

Nevertheless they do keep churning out profits every month and have a very high percentage of winning trades, as evidenced in their latest trading results which show 34 consecutive winning trades.

Anyway this is just one signal provider out of the thousands of traders whose signals you can subscribe to for free on Zulutrade.

The point I wanted to demonstrate is that in response to the original question, there are indeed signal providers on Zulutrade who are very profitable in the long run and tend to make consistent profits every single month without taking undue risks.

If you would like to check out some of the signal providers for yourself, or would like to read more about Zulutrade and how it works, you can do so by visiting the Zulutrade website.


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