June 13, 2013

Instant Options Income Strategy - Trading Results For The Last 3 Months

Instant Options Income Trading Results.jpgIn the last couple of blog posts I have provided links to two trading strategies that both form part of the impressive new Instant Options Income Strategy from Bill Poulos.

This system is based on the weekly options markets and employs the Credit Spread strategy in order to enter a 2-part trading position, and the Options Optimizer method to select the very best set-up(s) each week.

The filter is so efficient that only one or two set-ups are found each week, but each week-long trade can generate a return of 2%, which is obviously an outstanding return.

It also minimizes risk because of the way it handles losing trades, which is why this system appears to be so profitable in the long run. Any losing trades are absorbed very easily, and are compensated by the consistent winning trades that seem to occur most weeks.

If you would like to see all of the trading results that have been posted for the last 3 months, you can do so by watching this video.

In addition to talking you though the trading performance, this video also demonstrates how to place one of these 2-part trades, and brings you the news that this strategy is going to be the cornerstone of Bill's new weekly advisory service, where he will basically find the best set-ups for you each week.

So it is definitely worth watching this video if you haven't already done so because you may want to use this service to start making money from options trading when it is made available next week.


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