November 28, 2012

After Work Signals Review

After Work Signals Website.jpgIn this article I want to review After Work Signals because as I have only recently discovered, this forex signals service has proven to be very profitable in 2012.

The man behind this After Works Signals service is Brad Dixon, and it is designed to help those people who don't have time to trade the currency markets during the day.

All of the signals are generated by Brad himself (rather than a computer program or robot), and they are taken from the 4 hour and daily charts (across 25 different currency pairs).

They are sent to you via email a few hours before a possible set-up, and then later on when the time has come to enter a trade.

You only need to spend a few minutes per day entering and managing your positions, and if you use the MetaTrader4 platform, you don't have to spend any time at your computer because the trades will automatically be placed for you using the complimentary Trade Copier program.

This is one of the best features of this particular signals service because once Brad enters a trade, it is then replicated in your own MT4 platform, and subsequently you should achieve exactly the same results.

The actual trading system that Brad uses to generate these trades is based on momentum divergence, and has a success rate of around 85%. As a result, the monthly profit is often extremely high, as you can see from the results from the last five months:

June 2012: +623 pips

July 2012: +268 pips

August 2012: +26 pips

September 2012: +132 pips

October 2012: +260 pips

November 2012: -27.8 pips

December 2012: +96.4 pips

January 2013: -192.5 pips

February 2013: +231.5 pips

March 2013: +67.2 pips

April 2013: +46.2 pips

So overall After Work Signals does look as if it's one of the more profitable signals providers right now, and the best thing about this service is that you can use Trade Copier to replicate all of the trades on your own MT4 platform if you don't want to wait for the emails and enter the trades manually.

The cost of the After Work Signals is currently set at just $47 per month, although there is a trial offer available whereby you can test out this service for 7 days for just $5 before committing yourself to this monthly payment.

If you would like to join After Work Signals, or simply want to find out more information about this service, you can do so by visiting the official After Work Signals website.


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