October 24, 2012

Recent Trading Results Using The Forex Profit Caster Software

After the big launch of Bill Poulos' new trade alert software (Forex Profit Caster) recently, many people who didn't end up buying this product will probably be curious to know how it has performed since going on sale.

Well Bill Poulos has recently released a couple of trading videos which show how profitable this software has been trading the various currency pairs.

The first video shows the results that have been achieved using the newly added 4 hour time frame, and you will see that it has generated some very profitable trades so far.

The second video highlights some of the results that been achieved using the 1 hour charts, and demonstrates that this software has been producing some very profitable trades on many of the major currency pairs, even though the profits can be quite small on occasions.

If you would like to buy this Forex Profit Caster software, it is worth reminding you that you can try it out for 60 days to see what kind of profits can be achieved trading the 1 hour, 4 hour and daily charts.

The software will automatically tell you when to open and close trades based on each of these time frames across all of the major currency pairs, and is based on a tried and tested trading strategy.

If you are not entirely satisfied with this product, you can simply return it and ask for a refund during this 60 day trial. However judging by the two videos above, it does look to be very profitable at this early stage.


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