October 12, 2012

Bill Poulos Answers 3 Common Questions About His New Software

Bill Poulos has been releasing several videos in recent days which show people exactly how his new trading strategy and trade alert software actually work.

Links to all of these videos are available at the end of my review of Forex Profit Caster if you haven't yet got round to watching them. You can click here to check out this review.

Anyway he has just released a 4th preview video, and in this video he answers 3 of the most common questions that he has received since releasing details of this new trade alert software.

He starts off by answering a question about overlapping triangles, and what this means with regards to potential trades. He then goes on to discuss how this trade alert software differs from many of the commercial robots that are being sold online, and finishes by talking about the price of this new product.

You can watch this latest video and check out the answers to these 3 questions by clicking on the link below:

–> Top 3 Forex Profit Caster Questions


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