October 10, 2012

Here Is A Free Trading Method That Is Based On Triangle Patterns And Price Action

Just recently I have been telling you about Bill Poulos' latest trade alert software called Forex Profit Caster (which is due to be officially released next week). You may remember that this software is based on a trading method that finds winning trades on the hourly and daily charts.

Well Bill has taken the unusual step of revealing the exact trading method that this software is based on. So although it will be a lot easier to use the software to alert you to the very best set-ups, you do have the option of trading this system manually without the software if you so wish.

He talks you through this Forex Profit Caster trading method in his latest video, which has just been posted online.

Absolutely nothing is left out. He tells you the trading criteria you need to look out for when entering a position, and also gives you exact exit points as well. There is even an accompanying pdf that you can download which explains this trading method step by step.

If you would like to watch this latest video and/or download the free pdf describing this trading method, you can do so clicking this link.


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