March 17, 2012

How The Forex Profit Multiplier Strategies Have Performed Recently

In my last blog post I told you about 3 strategies that are included in the upcoming Forex Profit Multiplier course that generated more than 2000 pips profit in the first few months of 2012. Well Bill Poulos has just put a new video online which shows you how these same strategies have performed in recent weeks.

You can watch this video (plus all of the previous videos) by clicking here.

You will see when you watch this video that the strategies (and indeed the trade alert software) are designed to spot low-risk high-reward trading opportunities. They actually seem to do this very well because there have been plenty of profitable trades just recently, and any losses are always very small.

If you want to buy Forex Profit Multiplier, I understand that it goes on sale on Monday. However if you have left your details prior to watching the training videos, you will soon be able to enter a free competition where you can win a free copy of this product. So keep an eye on your email inbox over the weekend for a chance to enter this competition.

Click here to watch all of the preview videos.


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3 Comments on How The Forex Profit Multiplier Strategies Have Performed Recently »

May 24, 2012

stp @ 9:45 pm:

Multiplying is very logical but difficult on ones emotions, when ones accounts grows they tend to reduce the risk.

June 14, 2012

Tony @ 2:11 pm:

I found a good system recently called bullpips which I like as it uses mainly price action only and avoids high risk.

In fact the money management is where it excels. It's good to find a system that you're comfortable with imo.

July 9, 2012

Trading Market Online @ 9:44 pm:

Multiple strategies is a way to go for forex traders! Investors use diversity by using different kinds of stocks but forex traders are only left with different trading strategies across main currency pair - eur/usd. Sure there are other currencies but spreads there are higher (especially on cross currency pairs).

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