February 2, 2012

New (Free) E-Magazine For Spread Betters And CFD Traders

I was browsing through one of the trading forums this morning and someone posted a link to a new spread betting magazine that is available online. I have since checked it out and I thought it was worth giving it a mention on this blog because you can read it online (for free) and it contains some very good articles.

There are contributions from Evil Knievil (or Simon Cawkwell to give him his real name), who is renowned for his abilities to make profits shorting various stocks, and Robbie Burns, who is one of the best investors around, and someone I have a lot of time for.

There are also articles covering a range of other subjects as well. So people who trade stocks, currencies or commodities should all find it useful. You certainly do not need to be a spread better or CFD trader to find the articles useful, because there are lots of articles that discuss various aspects of trading.

If you would like to read it online (for free), you can do so by visiting the website of this spread betting magazine, or you can go directly to the page where you can read this magazine by clicking here.


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February 7, 2012

best fx platform @ 8:35 am:

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Trevor @ 2:03 pm:

No reflection on the poster but this glossy magazine is just a cynical attempt by the spread-betting industry to persuade punters that all is well. In reality the forex market is dead-in-the-water and I see no hope for the foreseeable future.

Even this site has not made any trades via its GBPUSD 4-hour system for several months. Clearly it's a time for re-evaluation, new systems and new markets. Is anyone actually trading anything profitably these days?

James Woolley @ 4:19 pm:

Hi Trevor, I do still place the occasional trade on the 4 hour charts, but I have to admit that I have become a lot less enthusiastic about the forex markets in recent months. I think this is why I don't seem to post as often as I used to.

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