November 14, 2011

Are The Signal Providers On ZuluTrade About To Become A Lot More Profitable?

I've recently received an email from ZuluTrade telling me about an important development with regards to their signal providers. It looks like they are trying to improve the overall quality of their signal providers, and therefore help their customers generate more profits.
As you may know, the signal providers get paid a small commission per trade per subscriber. So therefore if they are successful, they will attract more subscribers who wish to have their signals auto-traded in their account, and therefore they will make more money.
However ZuluTrade have decided to punish those providers who try and generate lots of trades just to make more commissions. There is now a real incentive to generate profitable signals on a consistent basis because if a signal provider has a negative profit and loss figure for a particular month, they don't earn any commissions for that month.
This is great news for the thousands of people who use this auto-trading service because only the best traders will survive in the long run, and it will be easier to see who the best signal providers are overall.
If you haven't yet joined ZuluTrade, or want to find out more about this innovative company, you can do so by clicking here.



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November 24, 2011

Lucas @ 10:14 pm:

Anyone know a good trader to manage accounts over 200,000 accounts with very good results, discipline and risk control?

November 28, 2011

Sarah James @ 11:19 am:

Thanks, I'm going to try it. Can count on your help if anything wouldn't clear?

January 10, 2012

Ezz Eldeen @ 1:15 am:

i am signal provider in top 100 in zulutrade and i can manage that 200,000 account with excellent results

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