September 22, 2011

How To Essentially Trade Forex For Free

Today I want to tell you about the third and final video in the 3-part video series that has been released by Bill Poulos this week. It is entitled 'How To Trade Forex For Free' and tells you how you can get yourself into a free trade position when trading the markets, which is something I do all the time as well.

You can watch this video (along with the other 2 videos in this 3-part series that were released earlier this week) for free by clicking here.


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September 25, 2011

Trevor @ 8:32 pm:

I suspect Poulos will be asking $999- $1499 for what is basically a candlestick swing-reversal system he has refined over many years but which regular traders can work out for themselves.

His use of ADX (14) > 16 always perplexed me because it's like that 95% of the time! And I just wonder how much live support he can spare for the hundreds or thousands of people who have bought his past systems.

September 27, 2011

Trevor @ 7:03 pm:

In the end he pegged it at $1997 + s/h (or 3 payments), including a year's chart feed.

This offering is different because he plainly states buy/sell/stop/take-profit levels rather than being a simple tuition 'DIY' course.

It's end-of-day trading on forex. Could be useful for those too lazy or busy to do their own analysis. No instant intraday wins; patience over the weeks is essential!

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