April 30, 2011

Forex Trader Pro 2.0 - Videos 2 and 3 (FX Stalker and Cluster Bomb Alerts)

A few days ago I told you about one new feature of Forex Trader Pro 2.0, and today I want to tell you two other impressive features of this soon to be released forex software.

First of all there is the C4 Currency Trend Tracker / Stalker. This new tool will essentially stalk the various currency pairs and provide you with a snapshot of each one based on how they are currently trending. So this will make it a lot easier to identify which pairs you should be trading for maximum profits.

You may also be interested in learning about the trade alerts that are included with the Forex Trader Pro 2.0 software. This will essentially be the control centre, and will be where all of your major trading decisions will be made.

The details are a little bit sketchy but you can find out all about them by watching the accompanying videos that have recently been created. There are now three videos in total which will tell you everything you need to know about Forex Trader Pro 2.0 and it's impressive features.

The links to the individual videos are below, but you can access them all by clicking on either one of them and leaving your name and email address:

Video 1 - C4 Sniper Software

Video 2 - FX Stalker

Video 3 - Cluster Bomb Alerts



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