January 24, 2011

Forex Trading - Is It Finally Taking Off In The UK?

It occurred to be over the weekend that forex trading seems to be becoming more and more popular here in the UK at the moment. Let me explain why.

I've always had problems explaining to people what I actually do, ie why I'm always at home and how I actually make money. Indeed ever since I've been doing this I always get completely blank looks when I tell people that I trade currencies for a living.

To most people this means absolutely nothing, which is why I sometimes tell people that I trade stocks and run a few websites. However that presents even more problems because you will inevitably be asked for a few stock tips, which is just as frustrating.

Anyway the point I want to make is that in the last few months I have noticed that more and more people seem to understand what I am talking about when I mention forex trading, and even if they don't they will often have heard about someone who does this as well. So it's clearly not the obscure occupation that it used to be just a few years ago.

My thoughts on this matter were reinforced when I was watching Match Of The Day on Saturday night strangely enough.

If you're a fan of the Premier League, you will probably have noticed that FX Pro, one of the leading forex brokers in the world has paid for shirt sponsorship on not one, but two Premier League teams - Aston Villa and Fulham. Not only that but they are also advertising in the hoardings around the side of the pitch.

Therefore because the Premier League is watched by millions of people all over the world, not just in England, they are getting some massive exposure for their company. I'm sure there will be thousands of people, both here in the UK and overseas, who will be seeing the name FX Pro and going to their website to find out what they are all about, and subsequently what forex trading is all about, and how they can get involved in this potentially lucrative market.

This amount of advertising will not have come cheap that's for sure, but I have no doubt that it will introduce thousands of new traders to forex trading in the next few years.

Therefore there is every chance that forex trading could start to really take off in the coming years, particularly with so many people here in the UK facing financial troubles and needing to find ways of making some extra money.



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January 24, 2011

Jakof @ 10:24 pm:

"Possibly" lucrative market if i may correct you…
I mean if you are having financial troubles, getting into such a risky market isn't your ideal solution..
Love you positivity though :)

January 25, 2011

David Antonio @ 10:08 pm:

Indeed the forex market is getting more attention nowadays due to advertising by some company and its exposure to a lot of people recently, well I guess we will see quite a bit more traders.

January 27, 2011

free forex trick @ 3:41 am:

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