January 15, 2011

Revisiting Some Old Blog Posts From 2007

I was going through my archives this morning and I noticed that some of my earlier posts are not indexed at all in Google. Therefore they are not getting read by anybody, which is a shame because I put a lot of effort into writing these posts right at the beginning of this blog's life.

So what I thought I would do today is provide some links to these blog posts and hopefully they will soon get indexed and start getting read by a few people, because otherwise they will just go to waste.

Here are the specific blog posts that I am talking about:

- The '1 Trade A Week' Forex Trading System

This post discusses why it is often a good idea to forget about scalping and short-term trading, and instead focus on finding one really good high probability set-up every week.

- Forex Trading - 6 Ways To Stop Yourself Going Insane

This post is a little different in that it explores the psychological aspects of trading from home. As someone who does this myself, I offer advice as to how you can keep a healthy mind and body whilst trading.

- How To Avoid Blowouts When Trading Forex

In this post I talk about how you can avoid losing your entire capital when trading forex, and why you need to protect your capital rather than taking huge and unnecessary risks.

- Is It Wise To Trade The Economic Data Releases?

This blog post is all about the major economic data releases that come out every day, and more specifically whether or not you should actually try and make money predicting the resulting price moves.

- How Do Forex Markets Move?

This is a straight-forward post which explains how the forex markets actually move. If I was writing a similar article today I would probably add a few other points, but it is still quite useful information I think.



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January 21, 2011

Arcuz @ 5:28 am:

I'm having the same problem as well where some of my old posts are not indexed by google. Anyway, I checked those link that you've mentioned here on your post and they are not yet indexed.

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