December 22, 2010

My Most Popular Posts Of 2010

For the last two years I have put together a list of my most popular posts of the year (here are the links for 2008 and 2009), so I thought it would be a good idea to do the same again this year.

Unfortunately this list is slightly smaller than previous years because I've had about three months worth of holidays this year, and I haven't posted that much in the last few months due to a combination of illness and laziness. However I hope you find them useful, and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

- A Breakdown Of Today's GBP/USD Breakout Trade - 13 December 2010

- 3 Ways You Can Use Moving Averages To Trade The Forex Markets

- An Update On The EUR/USD Trade That I Mentioned On November 18

- Potential Set-Up On The EUR/USD Pair - November 18 2010

- Forex Market Conditions – How Can You Tell When Market Conditions Change?

- Is It True That 95% Of Forex Traders Lose Money?

- The Dynamic Zone RSI Technical Indicator

- What Are Your Favourite Charting Tools / Technical Indicators?

- The Current Trading Range Of The GBP/USD and EUR/USD Pairs

- Forex Day Trading - Why Is It So Hard To Make Money?

- The Price Oscillator Technical Indicator

- 200 Day Moving Averages - SMA v EMA v TEMA

- When Is A Currency Pair Really Oversold?

- Fibonacci Extensions And Projections - A Live Trading Example

- My Breakdown Of The Forex Trading Day From 00.00 To 24.00

- Double Bottom + Divergence = High Probability Set-Up

- Latest EUR/USD Trade 31 March - A Classic Example Of A High Probability Set-Up

- Forex Trends - 10 Indicators You Can Use To Help Identify New Trends

- Here's A Long-Term Forex Trading System You Can Use

- 4 Hour Forex Trading System - My Exact Set-Up



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January 14, 2011

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