December 17, 2010

Weekly Trading Update - 13-17 December 2010

This time last week I mentioned that I wasn't going to be trading again until after Christmas because the markets are always much harder to trade around now due to falling volumes. Well I did stick to my word, although I did trade one breakout position on Monday that was simply too good to refuse (see my last blog post for more details). Regarding the Forex Morning Trade system I definitely made the right decision because it had it's first losing week since September, as you can see below:

Monday: +40 points
Tuesday: no trade
Wednesday: -40 points
Thursday: no trade
Friday: -40 points

I'm still a big fan of this day trading system. However I'm not surprised that it didn't perform well this week because, as I say, this is a horrible time of the year to trade the markets, whatever system you are using. That's why I didn't use my main 4 hour trading system this week either.

I won't be trading next week either but I've snapped up some shares in Barclays and Morrison today so I shall be watching the stock markets next week hoping for a nice rally over Christmas and the New Year.

I shall probably be back with one or two blog posts before Christmas, so I will speak to you next week. Have a great weekend.



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