March 14, 2010

Live USD/CAD Trade Using Bill Poulos' Forex Profit Accelerator Methods

Bill Poulos has recently posted a video which provides you with a day-by-day analysis of a recent trade that he opened on the USD/CAD pair. It is based on one of the end-of-day trading methods included in his popular Forex Profit Accelerator course.

In this video you can see that his first profit target has already been reached. However more importantly you can see how he manages the second half of the trade. This is the bit that most interests me because you can see that he moves his stop loss to break-even as soon as possible to create a free trade for himself, which is exactly what I do when trading my 4 hour trading method.

Anyway the trade is still running as we speak (or at least the second half of the position is still running) so you can check out this video every day to see how the trade is progressing. However if you are interested in buying the Forex Profit Accelerator course, which includes free coaching sessions from Bill Poulos, I suggest you do so fairly quickly because there are only 37 copies available at the time of writing, and it is being taken off the market in a few days time.

Here's the link again if you want to watch this video and find out more about the Forex Profit Accelerator course:



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