March 3, 2010

New EUR/USD Video - 03 March 2010

You may recall that I discussed the EUR/USD pair a few days ago on this blog, and talked about why I think this pair may have reached a bottom based on the long-term chart. Well Adam Hewison (founder of the Marketclub trading service) seems to agree with me because he has just released a new video in which he highlights the various fibonacci retracement levels, and shows why the price is more likely to rise than fall from this point onwards.

The video is only four minutes long and as always with Adam's videos, is very educational. It highlights some of the points I made the other day and makes some very good points. You can watch the video by clicking here.



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March 8, 2010

Don Antonius @ Currency Day Trading @ 5:40 pm:

What about europe's trouble with Greece and more importantly the upcomming troubles with Portugal and Spain.

I do not think the fibonacci can be applied when the market starts to react on those problems.
Isn't it so that all the analysing tools only can be applied if there are no fundamental news events that can seriously affect the markets

March 12, 2010

George @ 7:47 pm:

Very insightful, James. Thank you for sharing the video.

Which past blog are you referring to when you say you've discussed this matter before?

James Woolley @ 9:04 pm:

Don, I believe all the news about Greece and other countries' potential problems are already priced into the markets.

George, I'm referring to this post that I wrote a few weeks ago:

March 31, 2010

Don Antonius @ Currency Day Trading @ 11:29 pm:

Thanks for your reply James,

I will look at the post now.

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