December 22, 2009

My Most Popular Posts Of 2009

This time last year I wrote a quick blog post listing my most popular posts of 2008, and it proved to be very popular. So I thought I'd do the same again this year and have provided links to each of these posts below. I hope you find them useful, and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The EUR/GBP Pair - Why It's Perfect For Day Traders

The CCI (Commodity Channel Index) Technical Indicator

Free Training Video From Technical Analysis Guru John Murphy

How To Trade RSI And MACD Divergence

Fibonacci In Action - EUR/USD And Gold

Losing Trades - Why You Must Learn To Accept Them

Here's A Free 10-Part Trading Course

The MetaTrader 4 Platform - A Complete Guide

The USD/JPY Pair - A Classic Example Of Why You Should Always Follow The Trend

Divergence - A Quick Lesson

Free Forex Trading Video - How To Get Rich Slowly

What Is The Best Time Frame To Trade Forex?

Why Do I Not Use The ADX Indicator When Trading My 4 Hour Trading Strategy?

Why Do So Many Forex Traders End Up Losing Money?

Fibonacci Analysis And Forex Trading: A Match Made In Heaven

Staking Plans - What's The Best Staking Plan To Use When Trading Forex?

Fibonacci Analysis - Why It Can Sometimes Be Completely Useless

Why You Should Invest Some Of Your Forex Winnings

Supertrend Indicator - MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Download Links

Forex Trading Templates - Here's A Simple Forex Template You Can Use

The Triple Exponential Moving Average (TEMA) Indicator

How To Quickly Analyze Forex Pairs Using Marketclub's Trading Service

Forex Exit Strategies: The Two Part Exit Strategy

CCI Divergence Trading - A Simple System You Can Use

Running A High Risk High Reward Forex Account

The Smoothed Repulse Indicator

The EUR/GBP Pair - An Easy Pair To Trade?

Ehlers Laguerre RSI Indicator

Trading Opening Range Breakouts

The Average Daily Range Of The Major Forex Currency Pairs

Here's What A Perfect Forex Breakout Looks Like

When Is The Best Time Of The Day To Trade Forex?

EMA Rainbows - What Is An EMA Rainbow Trading System?

Some Excellent Forex Advice From One Of My Readers



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December 23, 2009

Leah Tsang @ 6:25 pm:

Dear James,

Thank you for your wonderful website. I am new to Forex and have learned a lot from you.

Wish you all the best for 2010.

Leah Tsang

Frank Page @ 8:24 pm:

Merry Christmas and all the Best to you in 2010.

I have really enjoyed reading your articles this year and hope you will continue with the good work!

It certainly is a refreshing change from all the nonsense that is published on the web these days

January 5, 2010

Leah Tsang @ 7:16 am:

Dear James,

Happy New Year!

Regarding your 4 hour trading strategy do you use other indicators to trade besides EMA 5 and 20 and the Supertrend indicator? Stochastic and MACD are very popular indicators but will they enhance the setup?

Thanks a lot.


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