July 29, 2009

IvyBot Robot - Is It Too Good To Be True?

IvyBot is the latest forex robot to be released and this one appears to be a little more advanced than most because it consists of four separate advisors (each trading the EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/CHF and USD/JPY pairs) and claims to adapt to changing market conditions.

However is the IvyBot forex robot too good to be true?

I have to admit that with more and more forex robots being released on to the market, I seem to be getting more and more sceptical about them. I've never really used any of these robots myself, mainly because I don't have access to MetaTrader4, but the feedback I've received from many of my readers and subscribers has never been that positive.

Anyway going back to this particular product, the IvyBot robot certainly appears to be very impressive if you read the sales page with gains of between 475% and 920% per year every year since 2001.

But the various aspirational pictures of Rolls Royces, tropical islands, and piles of cash are certainly a big turn-off and you have to wonder why it's priced so cheaply if it's as profitable as it makes out to be.

I'm guessing that if it really was that profitable then they could easily sell a license to this robot to one of the major banks for several million dollars, but maybe I'm just being overly sceptical.

To be fair if you do decide to buy the IvyBot robot and test it out, you're not taking that much of a gamble anyway because you are entitled to a full refund within 60 days if you're not entirely satisfied with the product.

If you do decide to buy this product, I would certainly love to hear from you. Simply leave a comment below and let me know how well it's performing for you.



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August 1, 2009

TradeProfits @ 9:51 am:

I would wait. New EA's are comming out every week, all of them with amazing results! Yet after a few weeks of testing, the results are always different. I would wait. In a few days the hype is gone and there might be a chance to get some honest reviews..

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