July 23, 2009

Supertrend Indicator - MetaTrader4 (MT4) Download Links

Due to the fact that my main 4 hour trading strategy uses the very effective Supertrend indicator and I mention it regularly in this blog, I'm constantly asked where you can download this indicator for MetaTrader4. So today I thought I'd create a list of every single download link that I have come across so far, so that I can simply refer people to this page.

I should point out that I cannot guarantee that these links actually work because I don't personally use MetaTrader4 myself. I access the Supertrend indicator through ProRealTime and I also have an account with IGIndex who also provide this indicator because they use the same platform.

Okay so here's the links where you should be able to download the Supertrend technical indicator for MT4:








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August 16, 2011

Numa @ 11:23 am:


thanks for this nice link collection:
a systematic large-scale analysis of the Super-Trend parameter influence and recommendations for the best parameters for all major FOREX pairs is given here:


(tiny url: http://wp.me/p1M1iZ-6)

The analysis is based on >12 years back testing for each currency pair.

Hope this helps in selecting your best parameters :-)

With Best Regards

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