May 27, 2009

CCI Divergence Trading - A Simple System You Can Use

Today I want to share with you a very simple trading system that is based entirely on CCI divergence. CCI is a pretty useful indicator in itself but it's even more effective when you trade divergence patterns. 

In trading circles divergence is basically where the price makes new highs but the indicator in question, ie the CCI in this case, fails to make new highs. Similarly in a downward trend the price is making new lows but the indicator is failing to make new lows.

These divergence patterns indicate that a reversal is about to take place because the trend is starting to run out of momentum, and they are generally very strong signals.

So getting back to the CCI divergence trading system, I recommend you plot the price chart along with two CCI indicators - the CCI (10) and CCI (60). You may like to try other settings but I find these work extremely well.

Then you want to wait for a divergence pattern to emerge on BOTH of these indicators. You can use just one indicator but I recommend using both of them if you want to identify the very best signals.

To give you an example there was an excellent set-up on the GBP/USD pair yesterday morning (on the 15 minute chart). You can see from the chart below that although the price didn't actually trade lower, it did form a perfect double bottom formation (indicated by the grey vertical line), and yet when it did so both the CCI indicators failed to make new lows, which was a very positive sign that a reversal was about to take place, and which turned out to be correct in this case.


As with all trading systems this simple CCI divergence system isn't foolproof but it can provide you with some excellent signals on occasions.



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May 30, 2009

Chamane @ 12:54 am:

Here's another way of seeing things. Check for long trades when CCI(89) above 0 and short trades when CCI(89) under 0. Then check CCI(13) for divergences (above 100 or under -100) compatible with the trend. Combos CCI(170) and CCI(34) are also popular.

January 25, 2010

dr b s prasad @ 6:07 pm:

i liked super trend indicator system where can i get that indicator

April 5, 2011

Matt @ 11:21 pm:

Hi James,

If you do see this divergence, at what point to you enter and exit the trade.


July 13, 2011

Mahesh Poudel @ 5:39 am:

which one gives strong signals of Divergence, CCI or RSI

September 10, 2012

Darth Trader @ 3:45 am:

for me by exp, CCI divergence signals, are strong enough, like always… as long term as better, i like a lot this old indicator

September 19, 2012

PhD. Forex Forecaster @ 12:49 pm:

RSI is strong, but cci and rsi togethe are best.

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