March 24, 2009

Forex Profit Accelerator Review

Forex Profit Accelerator is a comprehensive forex course from veteran trader Bill Poulos that contains 4 separate trading systems that you can use to trade the forex markets. These systems trade the daily charts and are ideal for anyone who doesn't want to sit in front of their computer all day because they can be applied very easily at the end of each trading day.

As I say at the end of each day (when the daily bar or candle is complete) you simply sit down and analyze the major currency pairs to identify high probability set-ups that satisfy the criteria of whichever trading system(s) you wish to use. This whole process will take no longer than about 20 minutes.

The 4 systems included in the Forex Profit Accelerator course have been thoroughly tested over a number of years and generally target gains of between 40 pips and 500 pips (or more) per trade. The full list of systems is as follows:

Instant Pips - This method uses tight stop losses and looks for gains of between 40 and 100 points with trades generally lasting between 1 and 2 days.

Pip Maximizer 1 - This is a longer-term trading strategy because trades will generally last for between 1 and 3 weeks, but the profit targets are much bigger and are often in the region of 300-500 points.

Pip Maximizer 2 - This is similar to the strategy above except that this method uses an entirely different entry strategy. Both methods trade in the direction of the long-term trend but the two different entry points increase the chances of you catching the really big price moves.

Pip Reversal - This one uses market divergence (which is one of the most reliable trading patterns in my experience) to look for trend reversals. Profit targets for this method are generally between 100 and 300 points.

As you can see the first three Forex Profit Accelerator systems trade with the trend and the last one looks for trend reversals. Therefore this means that there will always be plenty of opportunities to trade your favourite currency pairs using these systems.

The systems themselves are easy to use and are fully explained in the various different CD-ROM videos that are included as part of the Forex Profit Accelerator course.

As well as these videos there is also a 160-page printed manual (and other printed materials) explaining the various systems so you should have no problems understanding the various different trading strategies. If you do have any problems or you want to ask any questions, then you do also get a whole year of unlimited support starting from the date you purchase the course.

In addition you also get lifetime access to the membership site which includes trading guides, videos and webinars, as well as 30 days access to the Pips Feeder service which gives you the best daily set-ups for each particular system to save you having to do it yourself.

The Forex Profit Accelerator course itself is not cheap by any means but Bill Poulos' products are always of the highest quality. In fact I know two of my blog readers who bought the Forex Profit Accelerator course last time it went on sale and they are both still using these methods on a daily basis and have been delighted with the course overall.

Anyway if you want to out more about the Forex Profit Accelerator course and check out some of the video testimonials from traders who have purchased the product, you can do so by clicking here.


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