February 27, 2009

Options University Forex Trader Review

Options University Forex Trader (also known as OU Forex Trader) is a brand new forex service from the team at Options University. They normally specialize in options trading courses and software (which are excellent by the way) but they have recently partnered with a gifted mathematician called Joe Atkins to bring you what appears to be a high quality forex service.

Joe Atkins has spent 30 years using mathematical techniques to continually beat the spreads on a number of sporting events and has been successfully running his own sports betting advisory service during this time. However in recent years he has started to apply the same kind of mathematical principles to the forex markets, and has had great success so far.

He has created a highly profitable trading strategy that uses complex daily calculations to look for key points on a chart that will generate high probability trading positions when triggered.

The good news is that Joe has teamed up with Options University to bring you a brand new forex service, OU Forex Trader, that delivers this exact same information to your desktop (either by email or RSS) so you can trade these highly profitable positions yourself.

The aim of this service is to ensure that every single member is able to generate at least 200 points per month from forex trading using these proprietary trading signals.

I obviously haven't been able to test these signals out myself but Options University have an outstanding reputation and I'm sure they wouldn't have partnered with Joe unless they were 100% certain that the service would be a profitable one for it's members.

Anyway if you want to find out more about the Options University Forex Trader service, you can do so by clicking here.

Also, if you want to find out more information about this service from Joe himself, you can check out a replay of last night's webinar (for the next few days only) where he explains his strategy in more detail and answers various questions about this exciting new service.



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