February 24, 2009

Surefire Trading Challenge Review

Surefire Trading Challenge was created by the respected forex trader Mark McRae, and he basically organized a forex competition to find out who could make the greatest profits in the space of just one month.

569 traders took part altogether and the six top traders (and their respective profits) were as follows:

Ahmad A - 2307.78%
Nurudeen U - 1120.77%
Udochi E - 1014.05%
Obiliza M - 927.93%
Marcos M - 200.12%
JanettMarie B - 156.23%

These were the overall profits gained over just one month so these are obviously very impressive results.

Anyway the good news is that when you sign up for membership to the Surefire Trading Challenge, you are given complete access to the exact step-by-step forex systems that each of these six traders used to achieve these gains. So you can copy these systems and use them yourself if you so wish, or you could take some of the techniques used and use them as inspiration to develop your own profitable system. It all depends of course on how well these systems perform in the long-term, ie month after month, which is the ultimate test of any system.

The Surefire Trading Challenge membership area includes details of each system as well as extensive interviews with each of the six traders. It also includes training videos and a private members-only forum where you can discuss and analyze each system in great depth.

If you want full details of exactly what's included in the Surefire Trading Challenge membership, or if you want to read about the six winners and the types of systems that they used, you can do so by clicking here.



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