February 19, 2009

The Forex Conspiracy Revealed - A Must-Read Free Report

A few days ago I mentioned a brand new report from Options University that discussed why forex trading is the best recession-proof business, and why it will be responsible for creating several new millionaires in the next few years. Well the good news is that they have just compiled a new follow-up report called 'The Forex Conspiracy' which is even more interesting than the first one:


This report reveals why the world's largest banks, hedge funds and other financial institutions have such a big advantage over the ordinary trader, and how they manage to swing the markets in their favour to bank huge gains on a regular basis.

Best of all, it reveals how a Texas mathematician claims to have cracked this forex code and identified some of these institutions' insider secrets.. This is based on the theory that the same mathematical patterns keep on repeating themselves over and over again on all the major currency pairs, and so by identifying these patterns on a daily basis you too can place these low risk, high probability trades just like the experts do.

I can strongly recommend you download this 25-page report because it is very informative and raises some excellent points. The story about the Texas mathematician, in particular, makes for fascinating reading. The report will be available for the next few days so if you are interested in reading it, I suggest you download it as soon as possible from the following link:




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February 22, 2009

Randy @ 9:36 pm:

Yes, it does make for uh.. well.."entertaining" reading perhaps but I can't say that it does anything more than that. Neither of the two reports thus far actually "reveal" anything of any substance whatsoever, nor do they provide any proof of any of the brazen claims made by this assumed sports gaming analyst.

So far, Forex Joe has done nothing more than talk in circles about what a great business it can be, while conveniently leaving out the elements or risk, cost and the wild, wild west aspect of dealing with unregulated and often dishonest forex brokers.

I am more than a little surprised that Brett and Ron would stoop to allowing this type of pure hype type promotion to float around with their stamp of approval on it.

The second report makes it sound as though you can quickly become a Forex millionaire and if that isn't a major red flag then perhaps I don't know what is.

Most of the traders I know who have ventured into Forex came right back to stock index futures again, after terrible experiences with broker manipulation, bold-faced price re-quoting after a trade has been initiated, double-dealing on the other side of the trade, materially expanding spreads (read as commissions) during news times and sometimes any other time that suits their purpose, etc.

Is there really some conspiracy on the part of the big institutional players to keep a magic Forex code a secret?

I rather doubt it, but even if there is, neither of the two reports thus far have truly provided even one iota of ebvidence of that or any proof whatsoever that this Forex Joe has any real idea of what this "secret" might be or whether the idea is simply being made up out of whole cloth as the saying goes.

Our anonymous Forex Joe seems content thus far to just keep yanking our chain about a totally unproven conspiracy in the hopes he can perhaps build up a fervor amongst struggling newbies for a chance to get in on the big secret and somehow magically join in with the Big Boys for once.

Statistics definitely have a place in odds of probability and in gaming theory but where's the beef? Perhaps there is something to it and perhaps there isn't but thus far it all sounds like a bunch of hot air.

If you really had possession of such an amazing secret code that would flood your account with steady profits and turn you into a millionaire in very short order, why on Earth would you start bandying it about to the hordes of retail newbies? In reality, wouldn't you instead either trade it quietly yourself and stay under the radar of the Big Boys or failing that, wouldn't you instead sell it to the highest bidder and make millions? The jury is out thus far, but to date I'd say the style of this thing, as currently promoted, makes it all seem highly suspect.

No doubt others will counter that hey, as long as we get a real and believable guarantee, what's to lose? I suppose only time will tell.

I suppose I will just continue to watch with rapt fascination as Forex Joe continue to stir the pot of anticipation over easy riches.

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