November 25, 2008

FAP Turbo (Another New Robot) Is Released

I'm kind of reluctant to write a post about FAP Turbo, the latest forex trading robot to hit the market, because I've told my readers about other expert advisors in the past and nearly all of them have turned out to be pretty poor from the feedback I have received.

However the aim of this blog is to keep you up to date with the latest forex news and developments so I thought it was worth a mention, plus I know for a fact that a lot of my readers and subscribers are very interested in forex robots.

So what actually is FAP Turbo?

Well it's basically an automated expert advisor for Metatrader4 that trades the markets for you. It claims to be a much improved and far more profitable version of Marcus Leary's forex trading robot, after the three technical experts behind the system gave it a complete overhaul.

On first impressions the sales page looks like all the other robots being sold on the market, but what caught my eye about this one is that it has been trading and updating it's live account for everyone to see for a few months now, and seems to be having great success.

One obvious positive feature about the FAP Turbo system is that it seems to use tight stop losses, which already makes it a lot better than some other robots I've seen that have huge stop losses and very small profit targets.

It seems to be completely legit with impressive-looking results trading a live account, but as with most of these robots, it does seem a little too good to be true, particularly as it only costs $149.00. If I had spent months on a trading robot that generates these kinds of profits, I would be charging several thousand dollars for it, but maybe that's just me.

Anyway one good thing about the FAP Turbo system is that there is a full 60 day guarantee so if it doesn't turn out to be profitable you can always ask for a full refund. If you do decide to buy it, please let me know how you get on as this one sounds more promising than most.



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January 15, 2009

lee @ 2:10 am:

Have you heard any positive results FAP TURBO
Thanks Lee

James Woolley @ 11:12 am:

Hi Lee,

I don't actually use this robot myself but have received both positive and negative comments from some of my readers who have bought it.

There are definitely some people who are making money with FAP Turbo so maybe the people who aren't making money are not using it correctly??

January 27, 2009

kenboo @ 6:26 pm:

There is a free scalping EA with source code that trade EURGBP. Its profit curve is close to FAP Turbo. So I believe FAP Turbo is real, and the free EA and FAP share same problems. Many brokers including IBFX have widen spread for EURGBP.

March 10, 2010

Alpha @ 10:14 am:

I also tested a EA for few months, it is still working, but the biggest problem with that blackbox EA (robots) is the fact, that u don't know the entry and exit rules at all.

Of course the variable spreads of some brokers destroy the profitable systems. better start trading, collecting trading ideas and start learning MQL so u can programming ur own EA that works!

February 5, 2012

Dick @ 5:03 pm:

Am a customer of Fapturbo. I changed brokers and when I
was not able to use the software I was asked by Fapturbo to
send them my cancellation info from prior broker and new
broker info , etc. I did those things and can't get a reply
from Fapturbo. Are they still in business?

Please reply to my e-mail adee above. Would appreciate anything you can do to get me up and running again.


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