November 17, 2008

Forex News Trading

Forex news trading is one of the hardest trading methods to master. It is based on taking very quick trades straight after the important economic data figures are released each day, and taking advantage of the short-term volatility that occurs straight after these announcements. It requires great skill and knowledge even if you only trade these news announcements on a technical basis.

I personally tend to stay out of the markets around the time of these announcements because they tend to distort the markets, but I have heard of a few traders who make an absolute killing just by trading these economic data releases.

One such trader is Henry Liu. He trades the forex markets based entirely on fundamental analysis, which is of course determined to a large extent by news announcements of the latest economic figures. I have to admit I hadn't heard of Henry until recently but in the last few weeks I've received emails from two separate subscribers to this blog who both recommend his course highly.

It's called News Profiteer and in this course you will discover the profitable trading methods that Henry uses himself to trade the news releases as well as lots of additional information such as how to make additional profits from identifying the market sentiment and the daily market cycles. There are also other bonuses including the free daily newsletter where Henry gives you his daily alerts for the forthcoming trading day, plus his top trading ideas and strategies for that day.

I have to admit I haven't bought the course myself simply because trading the news doesn't really appeal to me, but if you are interested in forex news trading, then from what I've heard from a few of my subscribers, the News Profiteer forex trading course could prove to be a very profitable investment.



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November 23, 2008

Forex Autopilot @ 10:59 pm:


With every trade that can yield great potential profit, the equal level of skill would be required, or else everybody would be making money. I think the only way to truly master any type of trading is to study from many methods and synthesize one of your own.

Mike Tran

November 27, 2008

Forex-fan @ 9:02 am:

Every person is working to obtain great profits so, i think this forex news trading course is indeed useful for them to make successful forex trading deal.

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