February 10, 2008

Free Forex Trading Seminars

Free forex trading seminars are widely considered to be predominantly sales pitches for the speaker's products or services. The speaker will usually give a presentation to the audience before presenting them with a pitch for their business. This may sound as if they're a waste of time but you can learn a lot from these seminars.

Why? Well firstly most of these seminars are not just a sales pitch, there is a lot of valuable and educational content as well, after all the better the content, the more likely the audience will trust and respect the speaker, and therefore they will be more likely to buy when they are hit with the sales pitch.

This is particularly true if you are completely new to the world of forex and are still learning the ropes because what better way to learn about forex than to spend a few hours at a seminar learning from experienced traders.

Some of the better ones even have live trading situations where the speaker(s) will demonstrate how they trade the markets in real-time which I think you'll agree is far better than reading theoretical forex books.

The other major benefit is the social aspect of these seminars. It's usually the case that you can get the chance to chat with the speakers informally at the end of the seminar, which is obviously another chance to grill them and glean some useful information from them.

In addition you also have the chance to chat with your fellow audience members, some of whom will be experienced forex traders, so this is another chance to further your forex education.

So don't dismiss free forex trading seminars completely. Yes in a few instances they may be a blatant sales pitch for the speaker's product or service, and you will learn nothing, but in most cases they are a great way to learn more about forex trading and further your education.

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